About Bhutan

     Bhutan is a land locked country located in Asia. It lies in the Himalayas, unexplored and pure, It is bordered by China in the North and India in the South. It is a small Democratic Constitutional Monarchy with a area of 38,398 sq kilometers and a population less than a million. The altitude ranges from 200 – 8550 meters above the sea level. The country has unique culture with different ethnic groups. The state religion is Buddhism and the last of Mahayana Buddhism is being preserved in the country. The country’s forest cover is maintained to 72 %.

It is great place for cultural tour where a visitor can make his/her tour memorable and interesting. One can experience peaceful and clean environment. Visit Buddhist great monuments and sites. One can experience the culture, people and architecture. Go through the handicrafts which would conquer your attention.

A better place for trekking – The terrain are very challenging and satisfying. The treks would make you experience the mountains, jungles, fresh glacier rivers, villages and wildlife.

As the country’s forest cover is 72 %, it makes an excellent place for the Botanical exploration and Bird watching. One can find varieties of orchids. Researchers says that the country has about 700 species of birds and yet more to be found. It is a paradise for the Bird lovers.

The fresh glacial rivers are excellent for sport fishing. The ruggedness and current of rivers are excellent for Kayaking and surfing.

Visit Bhutan and make your vacation memorable and interesting.

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