Bhutan has four different climate zones and they are;
  1 Subtropical climate zone
               2 Temperate climate zone
               3 Subalpine climate zone
               4 Alpine climate zone

Subtropical zone
1 This zone extends in east west direction along the southern foot hills
2 It lines between 200m-2000m above sea level
3 The mean monthly temperature is between 15°c in winter to 30°c in summer
4 The total annual rainfall is above 2000mm in the foothills
5 Temperature and rainfall vary from valley to valley
6 During winter the temperature is moderate and isolated rainfall
7 Early spring is marked by violent and stormy winds with hailstone
8 Monsoon wind brings rainfal                                                                                                                                                                                                Regions are:

Temperate zone
1 This zone extends at the elevation of 2000m-3000m above sea level
2 The average daily temperature during winter varies between 5°c to 15°c
3 The average daily temperature in summer ranges from 15°c to 30°c
4 The total annual rainfall varies from 1500mm-2000mm
5 In winter this zone is marked by cold winds, low temperature during night and moderate temperature during day
The regions that falls in temperate zone are:
-Wangdue Phodrang

Subalpine zone
1 It lies between 3000m-4000m above sea level
2 The total annual rainfall varies form 1000mm-1500mm
3 The mean annual temperature is around 8°c
4 The weather is marked by fog, cold winds, light rainfall in summer and snow in winter
5 Winter is intolerable for animals and humans so they migrate to lower altitudes
The regions which lies in subalpine zone are:

Alpine zone
1 It lies over 4000m above sea level
2 The temperature is very low
3 The permanent snowline is found at an altitude 4800m above sea level
4 Blizzards are common in winter
5 Occasional snow avalanches occur

In this zone high mountain peaks of Jowo-Durshing, Daga La, Jumo lhari, Jichu Drakey, Masa Gang, Gangkar Phuensum and Etc.

There are four seasons
1 Spring – March, April and May
2 Autumn – September, October and November
3 Summer – June, July and August
4 Winter – December, January and February
Spring and Autumn is the best Season for the tourists because it is warm, dry and sunny. Summer is not suitable for tourist visit because there is heavy rainfall, rivers swell up, landslides blocks the roads etc. In Winter the temperature is very low in high altitude and most of the mountains receive snow fall and roads are blocked by snow

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