Central Bhutan

Wangdue opens the door to central Bhutan. Narrow road drive to Trongsa from Wangdue takes you through more farm lands, fewer houses and peaceful landscapes. One cannot find much vehicles passing by. Trongda has a small town and one should not miss a chance to visit the magnificent Trongsa Dzong. People in Trongsa have unique dialect and culture.

Trongsa connects to Bumthang, which was a capital of Bhutan once. It lies on the beautiful valley and the town is much larger than the Trongsa town. Bumthang is much higher in altitude than Trongsa. Bumthang is a first place where the great saint, Guru Rimpoche visited in Bhutan, thus it has maximum holy sites as compared to other places in Bhutan. The dialect they speak is Bumthap. Jakar Dzong serves both monastic and administrative building. Jampa Lhakhang is located in Bumthang, which is one of the oldest Buddhist temple in the country. Visitor to Bumthang should not leave without a visit to the Burning Lake (Mebar Tsho) as it has great tale behind. Bumthang has a domestic airport which makes comfortable for a visitor by giving better access in the country.

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