Western Bhutan

Western Bhutan is region where most of the tourists visit as it has better access and much to be seen by a visitor. Most of the urban regions in the country is located in the western region. The capital city, Thimphu is located here. In Thimphu, visitors can experience the modernization of the country. The largest statue of Buddha is seated on the hill of Thimphu. There are many religious sites here. Thimphu organizes Football tournament, Kings Cup, every year in which clubs from near by countries participate. Here you can visit Semtokha Dzong which was built by Zhabdrung, the great saint from Tibet who initiated government system in the country.

Paro has the only international airport in the country. But soon, Gelephu international airport would come in function when its construction is complete. Kyechu Located in Paro, which is one of the oldest Buddhists temple in the country. Paro Dzong was Built by Zhabdrung in 17th century, which is located near the town. The Ta Dzong (National Museum) is located just above Paro Dzong. Here one can visit to ruin of Drukgyal Dzong, which was build by Zhabdrung to mark victory over Tibetan invaders.

Punakha has the magnificent Dzong (Fortress) which was built by Zhabdrung in 17th century. The Dzong is located between the confluence of two rivers namely Pho Chu and Mo Chu.

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